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Prices and workmanship

Q: What does EAC charge per hour?
A: EAC does not charge by the hour for most services, but rather charges a fixed menu price. If you are comparison shopping, our effective rate is competitive with most shops in our local area and our workmanship and attention to detail is second to none!

Q: What does EAC charge for diagnostic services?
A: We charge a standard flat rate, depending on the issue under investigation, for computer and instrumented diagnostic tests. Removal of components for access or inspection will involve an additional charge depending on the circumstances. We perform complete diagnostic procedures, not only to identify and verify the root cause of a concern but also to rule out other causes, thus ensuring complete reliability in our repairs.

Q: How can parts stores offer free diagnostic services?
A: Many parts stores will provide free diagnostic services. What they offer is basic code reading ability, without the many supplemental diagnostic tests that are necessary to specifically pinpoint the cause(s) of a problem. Because they are in the parts-selling business, they routinely recommend all possible parts that might be involved in a repair, without identifying the root cause of a specific problem.

Q: What warranties do you offer?
A: Our standard warranty is 12mo/12,000mi on labor, and up to lifetime on parts. Our warranty is available nationwide in case a customer needs repairs while traveling away from our area.

Q: Do you provide free estimates?
A: Conditionally, yes. All of our estimates are conditioned upon inspection of the vehicle. Most inspections are free. In cases where specialized equipment is involved or in cases where the removal of components is necessary to gain access for inspection, we charge a modest fee.

Q: Can you guarantee an estimate?
A: Conditionally, yes. Repairs to your car are based on the premise that all intervening components and fasteners are in serviceable condition to be reused. Very frequently, these components cannot be inspected or evaluated until the repair process is underway. As a result, it is not unusual for a completed repair to involve additional parts and labor that were not apparent at the time of the initial diagnosis or inspection. We do our best to give our customers a heads-up about this possibility during the initial inspection and diagnosis.

Q: How can I save money on diagnostic services?
A: Be prepared to help! Your technicians will want to discuss the following issues:

  • The driving circumstances when the concern first developed, if the symptoms are intermittent. Know the circumstances most likely to reproduce them, if possible.
  • Other abnormalities or concerns that might have developed over the same time period, such as unusual noises, changes in fuel consumption, unusual odors, warning lights, or fluid leaks.
  • Any prior services or repairs on the vehicle.
  • Any systems or features of the vehicle that are not currently functional.

The diagnostic activity or repair will include a test drive, so please make sure the vehicle is adequately fueled prior to your appointment, and allow ample time to reproduce the symptoms, complete diagnostic tests, and perform a test drive after repairs.