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Erin Auto Care performs all types of general automotive repairs and services on all domestic and Asian makes, and most European makes. We work closely with specialty suppliers to provide a complete spectrum of services including major component rebuilding and replacement.

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From routine maintenance to engine and transmission overhauls, we have the knowledge, equipment, and supplies to get it done.

Preventive maintenance

  • Accessory drive belt renewal
  • Air filter renewal
  • Battery cleaning, fluid maintenance, and terminal service
  • Body hinge and track lubrication
  • Brake system flush and fill
  • Cabin air filter renewal
  • Chassis and drive train lubrication
  • Coolant system flush
  • Differential lubricant service
  • Door and window seal maintenance
  • Fuel filter renewal
  • Fuel injector, throttle, and intake cleaning service
  • Comprehensive vehicle inspection
  • Engine lubricant and filter service
  • Manufacturer's scheduled maintenance
  • Tire and wheel assembly rotation/balance
  • 4x4 transfer case lubricant service
  • Wheel alignment
  • Window glass anti-mist treatment
  • Wiper blade renewal

Tires and wheels

  • Tire leak detection
  • Mount and balance new tires
  • Tire and tube puncture repair
  • Clean and reseal wheel rim
  • Valve stem renewal
  • TPM system reset and diagnostic services
  • New tire and wheel sales

Brake systems and hubs

  • Caliper lube service and overhaul
  • Brake system diagnostics
  • Complete disc or drum brake overhaul
  • Disc or drum resurfacing
  • Drum brake adjustment
  • Parking brake maintenance and adjustment
  • Fluid leak detection
  • Hydraulic system service and repair
  • Wheel bearing lubricant and seal services
  • Pad or shoe renewal

Powertrain systems

  • Carburetor optimization and overhaul services
  • Poor drivability, "check engine" lamp, computer diagnostics
  • Engine repair and overhaul service
  • Fluid leak detection
  • Head and cylinder machine work
  • Fuel injection, ignition, and filter services
  • Timing belt or timing chain renewal services

Drivetrain systems

  • Clutch and slave cylinder services
  • C/V half-shaft renewal
  • Drivability/vibration diagnostic services
  • Drive shaft and u-joint services
  • Fluid leak detection
  • Machining services
  • Transmission repair/renewal
  • Electronic systems computer diagnostics
  • Differential repair/renewal

Electrical components

  • Component operability and control computer diagnostics
  • Wiring harness and circuit testing
  • Component renewal
  • Battery load testing
  • Starter and alternator output testing
  • Key encoding, security systems services
  • Exterior lamp adjustment

Cooling systems

  • System leak detection
  • Component inspection service
  • System diagnostic services
  • Pump, thermostat, radiator, fan renewal

Exhaust systems

  • Component repair and renewal services
  • Catalytic converter diagnostics
  • Leak detection
  • High-performance mufflers and pipes

Heating and air conditioning

  • Diagnostics – performance, noise, odor
  • Blower service or renewal
  • Heat and A/C control service or renewal
  • Component repair and renewal services
  • Refrigerant leak detection
  • A/C system service or recharge
  • Heater core flush

Steering and suspension systems

  • Diagnostics – drivability, noise, vibration
  • Electronic systems computer testing and renewal
  • Shock strut and spring renewal
  • Rack and pinion service and renewal
  • Control arm service and renewal
  • Fluid leak detection
  • Ball joint renewal and service

Fuel systems

  • Diagnostics – drivability
  • Fuel pump and sender service or renewal
  • Leak detection
  • Fuel tank renewal
  • Pipe and line segment renewal