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Misc. car questions

Q: Why is timing belt replacement so important?
A: If it breaks it can damage the engine. When a timing belt breaks, the valves stop opening and closing. On many engines, a broken belt can result in one or more pistons colliding with an open valve, causing expensive damage to pistons, valves, and other engine components.

Q: What is window treatment?
A: We apply a product like Rain-X™ to the window as a preventive maintenance service. It provides enhanced water beading and flow while driving in rain. The result is dramatically improved visibility, especially in heavy rain. Re-treatment is recommended with each routine engine lubricant service.

Q: Do you work on older cars?
A: Although we specialize in maintaining and repairing vehicles that have the latest technology, we love older cars! We have many sources for classic car parts, and we have a regular clientele that makes use of our services. Call ahead if you need classic car work and we will reserve a maintenance bay to secure your vehicle indoors while it is with us for service. We have enthusiasm for vehicles built from 1926 to the present!

Q: Do you inspect used cars?
A: Yes. If you are planning a used car purchase, a pre-purchase inspection will give you confidence in your prospective purchase, and/or bargaining leverage with your seller. EAC offers three levels of prepurchase inspections—the most comprehensive involves over 200 points of inspection and includes a five-page inspection summary! Most reputable sellers are familiar with our inspection process and are more than willing to allow an inspection on our premises.